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The number of tomato plants that I’m growing keeps inching upwards. The four from my official 2009 plan are still happening, but then my step grandmother gave me some seeds for a red grape (‘Snacker’s Delight’) and I couldn’t pass it up. And then somehow I ended up ordering seeds for ‘Ildi’, a yellow grape that should ripen early and produce tons and hopefully taste a bit better than ‘Yellow Pear’ last year. Somehow I am resisting planting the Paul Robeson seeds I have because I know they aren’t as well suited to container growing as some of the other varieties I have picked (I have ‘Black Sea Man’ for a determinate black tomato), so at least I can be proud of myself for that.

I’m sad that I can’t grow the same varieties I would want to if I could put them in the ground, but I decided last year to select only cultivars that were specifically container friendly and see how that goes. And then I decided that cherry tomatoes were allowable since they did so well last year, so we’re up to 6 different plants of all different sorts for this year. I will have to buy some new big pots, but I hope that there is enough room on my deck for everything.

On my to-try list for as soon as I get my spot of dirt:

  • Brandywine (No duh, right?)
  • Paul Robeson
  • Carmello
  • Sun Gold (I’m trying this next year regardless of where I am)
  • Opalka
  • Eva Purple Ball
  • Kellogg’s Breakfast

I want some kind of a small white tomato, a green one and a good lemon yellow one, but I haven’t chosen them yet. The idea of having a whole patch of different colored cherry tomatoes is very appealing to me, but that seems impossibly indulgent right now. I just can’t imagine having that much space.


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Winter 2008-9 Failures

Ranunculus: Got eated by squirrels around Christmas.

Sweet Pea: Only one came up, and then it quickly died.

Tulips: They were going so well, but began to rot in their pot during a rainy week about a month ago.

So sad. Oh well, you live and you learn.

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I took a break on the blogging, but I’m growing more than ever.

Over Christmas Break I went to Hawaii and came back with two orchids and a kahili ginger. My nice orchid is living with my parents where it can be babied and not devoured by my Jules and my cheap-o one is just hanging out, not looking much different than when I got it, but the ginger is starting to take off. My mom has had plenty of success with the same plant in the past, so that’s not surprising. I hope it blooms this summer, but it’s so hard imagine it getting big enough to do so. We’ll see!

I had my wedding shower at the end of February and it was garden themed, so I got tons of new garden-oriented toys. I got not one, but *two* Aerogardens, a 6+ and a Pro 200. I’ve started the herb kit that came with the 6+ and aside from the basil coming up purple when it was supposed to be green everything has been working just like it’s supposed to. I’m using the lights from the Pro200 to start seeds under and it’s wonderful so far. I’ll post an update soon about seed starting and my constantly evolving plans for summer.

My chives are back too

My chives are back too and that's the ginger on the right.

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