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I just got my last seeds for this year and am almost done getting them started. So far everything has come up really nice — a pretty big improvement from past half-assed seed starting attempts. But everything is still really young and not to transplant size yet. It is still early yet.

I had been led to believe that pepper seeds can take a long time to germinate and can be stubborn, but I had no problem at all getting mine up. I soaked the seeds in lukewarm water for 15 minutes ahead of planting, then I stuck them on top of the fridge (for heat) and under a humidity dome for a while. They began emerging in a few days and are now living happily under the lights of one of my Aerogardens. Then I’ve got my tomatoes that are all coming up nicely and various flowers that are in different growth stages.

I can’t wait for Plantin’ Day 2009! I have to get a few more big pots and one long, rectangular planter (for peppers, calendula and nasturtium) and a bunch of potting soil, but other than that I just need it to get warmer!


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