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First post.

I never knew that I had inherited my parent’s penchant for gardening, but when I began establishing a home of my own as a young adult I felt strangely compelled to have something green to take care of. Around this same time my fiance’s cooking hobby rubbed off on me, so what began as a few houseplants became a few houseplants and a few herbs and then we moved to an apartment with a big, sunny deck and my little desire for something green has become quite a preoccupation.

It’s been an interesting time to get into gardening. As the economy worsens and the cost of food is increasing at a rate directly proportional to the amount I want to cook with fresh ingredients and try new things, I can’t help but look at the produce I buy from the over-priced grocery store near where I live and think, “I can grow this myself and it will be cheaper and taste better than this and I will have fun doing it.” This past summer I had an experimental vegetable garden in containers – my victory garden, and I saw just how possible it was.

Ultimately I would like to grow a lot of what I eat, but that dream is a long way off. I am but a mere sproutling, learning how to balance my urban life in a modern time with this desire to divorce myself somewhat from our modern food retail system. I have this journal to chart my growth.


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