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I took a break on the blogging, but I’m growing more than ever.

Over Christmas Break I went to Hawaii and came back with two orchids and a kahili ginger. My nice orchid is living with my parents where it can be babied and not devoured by my Jules and my cheap-o one is just hanging out, not looking much different than when I got it, but the ginger is starting to take off. My mom has had plenty of success with the same plant in the past, so that’s not surprising. I hope it blooms this summer, but it’s so hard imagine it getting big enough to do so. We’ll see!

I had my wedding shower at the end of February and it was garden themed, so I got tons of new garden-oriented toys. I got not one, but *two* Aerogardens, a 6+ and a Pro 200. I’ve started the herb kit that came with the 6+ and aside from the basil coming up purple when it was supposed to be green everything has been working just like it’s supposed to. I’m using the lights from the Pro200 to start seeds under and it’s wonderful so far. I’ll post an update soon about seed starting and my constantly evolving plans for summer.

My chives are back too

My chives are back too and that's the ginger on the right.


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I have left my Sweet 100 and my rosemary from the summer, but aside from that all the edibles have been disposed of. I still have my coleus and my snapdragon (which is blooming all hot pink with yellow throats!) from the seeds I had this summer. I let the coleus get a little leggy, but that’s ok. I think I’m going to pinch it back a lot and see if it recovers or not. In the meantime I am bringing them in for the cold nights and returning them outside and will do so until it’s too cold during the day.

My houseplants are in to stay for the winter. I repotted almost everything – my hoya is in a 12″ hanging basket to go in the kitchen and my jade move up to the old hoya’s pot. I’m not too sure what I want to do with my succulant garden because it has a hole where one plant died last winter. Maybe I’ll replace it with a new plant at some point, but that’s low priority.

I went out to buy that hanging pot this weekend and got sucked in to getting this cute little philodendron for $2.99, which I had to get a new cute pot for. I wish I could have more houseplants, but one of my cats is young and very persistent and my apartment is not very sunny, so I have to work carefully to fine places to put them. I wish I had an aerogarden for herbs to compensate for this, but those things are just too darn expensive. Maybe I’ll splurge and get one with my Christmas money. Hmmm…

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